Gamecock Athletics develops our student-athletes intellectually, athletically, socially and culturally to compete relentlessly for
championships and to attain high levels of achievement at the University, and throughout life, in harmony with our University’s
mission and vision.

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All athletically related scholarships provided to incoming freshmen will be four-year agreements that outline the amount of aid to be provided during each fall and spring term of the student’s academic career. MORE 


Cost of Attendance

Scholarships provided to student-athletes in all sports will be calculated based on the maximum amount allowed by the NCAA including tuition, fees, room, board, books and other expenses up to the full cost of attendance.


Lifetime Degree Guarantee

The Carolina Degree Completion Program provides funding for any former scholarship student-athlete who have left the University to return and complete his or her undergraduate degree. MORE


Disability Insurance

Student-athletes who qualify for the NCAA’s Exceptional Student-Athlete Disability Insurance Program have their premiums deferred until they depart the University or begin their professional sports career. MORE


Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund

Through its NCAA Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund, the University of South Carolina provides funds to assist student-athletes with extraordinary circumstances and needs such as clothing, course supplies and leadership training, as allowed by the NCAA.


Thiago Pinheiro | Tennis Student-Athlete and President, South Carolina SAAC

The Gamecock Student-Athlete Promise can really be a difference maker for South Carolina. It makes it clear to us as current student-athletes who we are and what we are about as a University and an athletics department. Future Gamecocks and their parents can now see in one place proof of everything that our coaches have been telling them during recruiting. The commitments described in this document have made my experience as a Gamecock so amazing, and it’s an honor to represent a University that so formally promises them to all future student-athletes, too.




The primary goal of the University of South Carolina academic support program is to ensure that every student-athlete earns his or her undergraduate degree. This commitment to academic success is enhanced by the following:

Degree completion plan from day one to ensure student-athletes are making continuous progress towards a degree;
Priority registration to minimize athletic conflicts with academic requirements;
Innovative objective based study sessions for greater efficiency and productivity;
Time management and organizational skill training;
Diagnostic screening and learning assessments provided by a certified school psychologist;
Campus partnerships to maximize programming and resources available to student-athletes;
Experienced and qualified staff:

  • Academic Advisors are experienced professionals who have a strong knowledge of University academic degree requirements and NCAA eligibility rules.
  • Learning Specialists work directly with student-athletes needing instruction outside the classroom in order to achieve academic success. These specialists have considerable experience in education and are trained in academic intervention.
  • Tutors and Academic Mentors. The Tutor Program provides subject-specific assistance to student-athletes as a supplement to the classroom learning experience. The Academic Mentor Program supports student-athletes as they learn to function effectively in the college environment and provide guidance on study and organizational skills, time management and goal setting.


The primary purposes of The Dodie Anderson Academic Enrichment Center are to promote excellence in academics and foster a sense of community among student-athletes. This beautifully designed building is conveniently located within the Athletics Village and provides student-athletes with a state-of-the-art facility in which to eat, study and meet with academic advisors. Features of The Dodie include:

40,500 square feet dedicated to the academic success of student-athletes;
Extensive study areas, 20 tutor rooms, 12 seminar rooms, 3 computer labs with over 100 computers and the latest in technology;
Full-service dining room.

PREP 100

The University of South Carolina offers a Summer Bridge Program for student-athletes during the summer prior to their freshman year. The program is designed to improve the student-athlete’s reading, writing and study skills necessary to be successful academically, and is paired with another course within the University so that the student-athlete will be able to practice the skills with actual college-level material.

Chris Royster | Track and Field Student-Athlete

Being a student-athlete at South Carolina has benefited me in many ways. I am scheduled to graduate in the spring due to having to take a fifth year for my major; but the University has helped me a great deal during this process with study hall, tutors, and also having access to a computer in the Dodie at all times. Carolina has shaped me into a dedicated, responsible, and determined man. These same skills have helped me gain success in my athletics career as well. I will continue to practice the skills I’ve learned here even after my time in Columbia is completed. Overall, being at Carolina was the best fit for me as it has blessed me both with athletics success and the ability to obtain the knowledge necessary for my career after athletics is over. I thank the University for this great opportunity I had been given.



Student-athletes are provided a variety of innovative programming to enhance their opportunities for personal and career development in preparation for life after graduation.



The University of South Carolina is committed to assisting its student-athletes not only to graduate but also to find employment in their chosen profession after graduation.



Gamecock student-athletes not only represent themselves, their families and the University; but they also help make their communities, South Carolina, our nation and the world a better place.



University of South Carolina student-athletes live in an environment of respect and dignity, embodied by the Carolinian Creed. These values are also shared and followed by all Gamecock coaches and staff.



The Beyond Sports program is a professional development and summer internship program for University of South Carolina student-athletes including interviews, educational professional development programming, group projects and paid internship experiences funded by the University of South Carolina Gamecock Club as well as unpaid internships with Beyond Sports community partners.




The University of South Carolina provides its enrolled student-athletes with high-quality health care from nationally recognized surgeons and athletic trainers.  This care includes a comprehensive physical medical exam with lab tests (e.g., sickle cell, CBC blood test, Iron and Ferritin) and comprehensive medical, dental, vision, psychological, rehabilitation and associated health care services for injuries or illnesses sustained by a student-athlete while practicing or competing in a varsity sport.
Gamecock student-athletes are provided the most up-to-date concussion prevention, management and treatment services. Student-athletes diagnosed with a concussion are not allowed to practice or compete until cleared by a medical professional.
Gamecock student-athletes have access to six state-of-the-art, conveniently located athletics training rooms, complete with the latest rehabilitation equipment. Four additional training rooms are currently scheduled for construction.
The University of South Carolina cares about the mental health and wellness of its student-athletes. The Gamecock athletics staff includes three sports psychologists, and a psychiatrist is available to assist student-athletes deal with issues affecting their lives.
As part of its commitment to ensuring healthy student-athletes, the University of South Carolina provides nutritious, high-quality meals, snacks and beverages that allow student-athletes to practice and compete at their physical best, be mentally alert for academics and minimize their risk for illness. This commitment includes:

Dining at “The Dodie.” Opened in 2010, the Dodie Anderson Academic Enrichment Center dining room serves South Carolina student-athletes and provides high-quality, nutrition-rich foods designed by a nutritionist and prepared by a chef. The 2,650 square foot dining room and the 2,000 square foot kitchen host 200 student-athletes at any one time. Student-athletes may dine throughout the day.
Two Full-Time Certified Sports Nutritionists (Dietitians) ensure student-athletes receive both team and personalized nutritional support.
The Gamecock Nutrition Center, one of the first of its kind in intercollegiate sports, is staffed by a full-time nutritionist. Housed at Williams-Brice Stadium and open to all student-athletes, its focus is on maximizing the nutritional health and well-being of all student-athletes. In addition, nutritional snacks are made available to all student-athletes surrounding practice and competition activities for optimal recovery from athletics activities.

The University of South Carolina is unique in being one of the few universities with a MSCC certified master strength and conditioning coach and a certified strength and conditioning staff training student-athletes.
The University of South Carolina is continuously reviewing and implementing cutting edge health research to enhance the athletic ability of student-athletes. For example:

The iDxa Body Scanner scans the composition of a student-athlete’s entire body, measuring his or her overall body fat, lean muscle mass, bone density and providing a differentiation of fat mass versus lean mass in every area of the body.
My VERT Jump Device, an innovative software accessory that measures the height and quantity of student-athlete vertical jumps for training.
Anti-gravity treadmill for superior training and injury rehabilitation.

Shelbretta Ball | Women’s Basketball Student-Athlete

Four years ago I committed to the University of South Carolina to play basketball, but a medical condition prevented me from ever living out that dream. The athletics department made sure that my condition did not also prevent me from enjoying the other benefits provided to all of its student-athletes and continuing my education, including resources to help with my research on how student-athletes respond to injury. This document formalizes the loyalty that my family and I have always known Gamecock Athletics to show. I hope that no other student-athletes have to see their athletics dreams change like mine did; but it is great that they know ahead of time that, if they do, the University will stand behind them and help them to dream again.



The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee provides an equal and representative voice for all University of South Carolina sports.  Members of the SAAC play a leadership role, as well as provide input on University, SEC and NCAA policies, rules and legislation.